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Fun WaterCycle Test

The water cycle is the Earth's way of Recycling water ? *
There are 5 stages in the water cycle ? *
The water cycle begins with Condensation *
When the Sun heats up the puddle of water in your backyard and turns it into water vapor, this process is known as Collection ? *
When you look outside and it is raining, the water falling down is in the Precipitation stage of the water cycle ? *
When you see clouds forming in the sky, the water above you is forming droplets in the Condensation stage of the water cycle ? *
In the collection stage of the water cycle, water finds itself back in oceans, streams, and rivers by way of Animals that carry the water back ? *
As time goes by, and water goes through the water cycle again and again, the amount of water on Earth Decreases ? *
The water that was around when dinosaurs roamed the Earth Is the same water we use today ? *
Once water makes it all the way through the water cycle, the water Starts the cycle over again *